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Wilmington Concrete Foundations: Building & Repairs

Concrete foundations are an integral part of a building. From poured concrete to concrete blocks, they provide strength and stability as well as insulation for the foundation. While concrete is usually durable, it does not last forever. Some problems that can occur with your concrete: cracks in the surface, broken or displaced slabs, cracking due to age and structural damage from fire or natural disasters such as earthquakes.

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High Quality Foundation Repair Wilmington NC 

A concrete foundation is the backbone of any structure. Foundations play an important structural role, just like retaining walls. It provides protection from seismic activity and keeps a building or home sound and stable. Without a sturdy foundation, it’s impossible to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve in your place of residence or place of business.

Concrete repair services are available for concrete foundations that have been cracked or damaged by a variety of causes including water damage, fire, termites and more.

We offer top quality foundation repair services to ensure everything is done correctly the first time around:

  • Foundation crack repairs
  • Concrete leveling/reinforcing
  • Seismic anchoring

Our contractors have years of experience providing of concrete repair services experience to the Wilmington NC community. Just like the rest of our services, our concrete foundations are the best in town. We guarantee our high quality craftsmanship and take pride in serving Wilmington!

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Residential Concrete Contractors Wilmington NC

Top Notch Concrete offers residential concrete foundations that are durable and long-lasting. We also have skillful, experienced individuals who work with you every step of the way to help create a concrete foundation for your home that meets or exceeds your expectations from customer service.

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Foundations

We can build concrete foundations for all kinds of commercial and industrial properties. Commercial property are large area, so it is imperative that they are stable against seismic activity as well as other physical forces. We pride ourselves on being the concrete contractors Wilmington businesses trust to provide durable and long lasting foundations. Regardless of your needs, we have a skilled team with unparalleled expertise to take care of the foundation services you require.

Types of Concrete Foundations

We handle all kinds of concrete foundations and can achieve whatever kind of foundation you are looking for. We are the leading concrete foundation contractor in Wilmington North Carolina and we will gladly offer you our expertise and guidance. Some of the various kinds of concrete foundations that we offer include:

T-Shaped Foundations

For homeowners looking for a stable foundation with great footing that is large enough to support the walls, a T-shaped foundation might be the right option.

Raft Concrete Foundation

This kind of foundation repair consists in pouring concrete slabs that support the entire weight of the building. We have considerable experience in this type of foundation, which involves pouring concrete slabs.

Foundation Slabs

For homeowners looking to make their concrete foundation repairs in order to fix cracks or structural damages, we recommend that you use our concrete slabs. This type of repair is an economical and long-lasting solution for most types of foundations. These slabs are easy to install and offer many benefits over other methods such as mortars, grouts or concrete pours. We can provide the necessary expertise if you don’t have it yourself.

In conclusion, there are various kinds of concrete foundations out there; each one has its own purpose depending on your needs and goals from a building project. The advantages range from stability, affordability and ease of installation— all crucial factors when choosing the right foundation for your specific project!

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